Georgianne Fastaia was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1964. She grew up along the Connecticut shore and says "the hazy humid mornings, weathered barns and lush green fields had an indelible effect on my artistic sensibility which is concerned with memory and loss. ”She learned about color, composition and Art History from her mother, an art teacher who encouraged her to take creativity seriously. Georgianne graduated Magna Cum Laude from San Francisco State with a degree in Creative Writing. She pursued writing and filmmaking before discovering that the language of paint was the most effective means to share her story.


Her work has been featured in Artweek Magazine, The SF Chronicle, and showcased in the July 2009 issue of ELLE Décor. Monelle Totah, a collector who had purchased her very first painting, "Ballerina" as well as a number of Flood paintings, chose to discuss her work when her home was featured in the magazine. An accomplished Painter, she has had many successful Solo Exhibitions and her Art is in private collections across the country. In 2006 she debuted her "Flood- scapes" a series of evocative landscapes of New Orleans.  Art critic, Alan Bamberger wrote, “Inspired by Katrina.,..and even the beauty of natural disaster. She advances her argument not only with her compositions but also by painting them on abandoned canvases, then framing them with old floorboards, thereby incorporating the idea of rebuilding after a deluge. Good show thoughtfully presented and persuasive."


In 2010 she was invited to exhibit her work at the S.F. International Art Fair with Sandra Lee Gallery and in 2011 with Nieto Fine Art on Union Square. She was their top selling artist and was honored to receive the acclaimed painter of colorful SouthWestern subjects, the Artist, John Nieto for a studio visit. The letter he sent her after spending time discussing her work is one of the highlights of her career so far. She was exclusively represented by Nieto until they closed


Fine Art Studio Online voted her Featured Artist and Art Critic Brian Sherwin wrote an article praising her unique studio practice. He states, " I enjoy the physicality of Georgianne's process and methods. The raw quality of her paintings captures a psychological vibe that begs me to think about the meaning behind the images – and the visual relationship between the artist and viewer." Sherwin added, "These works provide viewers with a raw narrative... one that is both alluring and haunting."


Georgianne has devoted collectors who are passionate about her work. Gale S. McKee wrote in the forward to her book, “Evocations of Mystery”, “I was immediately pulled into the paintings; I could feel the turmoil, solitude, and loneliness of each piece. I followed your career for years and finally bought two paintings. They inspire me every day. I  feel something new every time I look at them. I believe it is because I am able to relate to the pieces, and yet not have everything "spelled out". There is a place to "dream" and add your own story. Abstraction and the figure merge in an effortless melange of texture, imperfections, and simplicity at the same time.”


Many collectors own several paintings, a few have purchased over ten.  Georgianne’s work is unique and immediately recognizable. As the interviewer from “Milkshakes and Margaritas wrote in her article,” Interviews with Inspiring moms”, “Georgianna's art has a sweet but eerie quality that lingers with you.”She now paints out of her home studio in Hayward and her work can be found at Riverfront Art Gallery in Petaluma, California. 


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