My work moves between abstract treatments of four primary subjects: horses, florals, the remembered landscape, and the figure.  I strive to make paintings which tell a story with minimal information; a gesture, the slump of a shoulder, a visual haiku. I believe that what you cover up in a painting is as important as what remains visible.One collector said, “Your paintings remind me that I don't have to be perfect.”  I believe we can transform our lives, and it is our scars which make us beautiful. This is the impetus behind every mark I make: to create paintings which are exquisitely flawed. I re-use old canvases, actively damaging and rebuilding the surface to affirm a concept of beauty in which our scars make us whole. I have been refining an experimental technique for removing layers of paint which I call a lift. This unorthodox process reveals ghosts of underlying imagery and has become my own form of storytelling: visually communicating abstract concepts of impermanence and fragility. The process is completely unpredictable. By giving up control, I am forced to stay lighthearted and adaptable to the evolution of the painting. There is liberation in non-attachment, and it is this irreverence which has, at its core, a fearless leap of faith.

Enjoy the paintings. If you see something you like that has sold, let me know and I will recreate one just for you.






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